I’ve been very vocal on here about my skin. It’s been a really big part of my life and in some cases, my identity.

Yes, I do hear how dramatic that sounds. But growing up with acne effects how you view yourself. It can make you feel like you’re not worthy. Like you have to hide from everyone which can translate into hiding yourself and your personality from everyone. For all I know, it could be a part of making me the extreme introvert I am today.

Now that I’m technically considered an adult and I’ve gotten my acne under control, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much embarrassment I could’ve prevented if I had only known how skin works in the first place.


When I first started worrying about my face and I had some conscious thoughts put towards caring for my skin, I had no idea what I was doing.

My face was covered in acne and I was desperate to try and get rid of it. Of course, this was back in the early 2000’s before holistic and natural methods were common practice, so it seemed like all you needed to do was find some soap and clean your face. I was younger, so I wasn’t worried about wrinkles which means I wasn’t worried about moisturizer. (Now, a tip for people of all ages: you’re never too young for moisturizer)

Basically, my strategy was to find some 1,2,3 step cleanser from a brand I saw on TV and attack my face. The more red it became and the more stinging I felt, the more I figured it was working.

I didn’t think much about consistently washing my face. I wasn’t diligent with anything those days and my face was no exception.

I’m sure at this point it’s pretty obvious that my method for caring for my skin was A. non existent and B. not effective when I actually did something.


By the time I got into my 20’s, my acne stepped down a bit. It wasn’t as bad, but it was definitely still there consistently. All throughout my teens, I was convinced that if I could just get to an older age, my acne problem would solve itself.

It did not.

So I finally decided to do research. I looked into all kinds of different tips and tricks. I learned all about what acne is and why it happens. To my surprise, I learned that everything I had been doing was wrong and I needed to stop attacking my skin.

So I gathered up all the different tricks I could and changed my whole routine with different products that were much more kind and effective.

I ventured into Burt’s Bees skincare line. (they didn’t pay me for this, I just actually switched 100% to Burt’s Bees) Here’s what I used:

I highly suggest this routine and these products for anyone that is transitioning from unnatural products to natural products.

This was a really great step for me and honestly, it’s not a bad final step. The products are easy to find in stores and they work really well.


But I wanted to take it a step further and go 100% natural. My skin is very sensitive. Honestly, it’s a little high maintenance. So I wanted to find products that would be extra nice a gentle.

I’m in the beginning stages of figuring out exactly the right direction, but I’ve started with the company, Apoterra Skincare. They have a quiz to help you figure out your skin type and then suggest products based on your needs. they also offer so many resources to help you learn more about how acne works and how to properly care for your skin with tons of scientific reasons for why. Again, not getting paid, I just really love this company.

So now, I have an idea of how I want my routine to look. I haven’t determined all the products I’m going to use yet, but I have a good idea of what to look for to replace things as I run out.


  • Cleanse - I know I don’t want to use an actual deep cleanser in the morning. Just something simple to wipe the grime away.

  • Tone - Something similar to what I have that can balance my skin tone (and potentially double as a morning cleanser).

  • Moisturize - Nothing too heavy. Just a light face oil. This one’s been working very nicely.


  • Cleanse - This will be where my deep clean will happen. I’m currently using this soap bar.

  • Tone - one for both morning and night will do.

  • Moisturize - This will be where I’ll use a heavier moisturizer to set overnight.


  • Exfoliate - an exfoliating mask to give my face a fresh start.

  • Deep Clean - just to keep everything in check. This has worked well for me.

  • Hydrate - Possibly done 2x per week between the exfoliating and deep cleanse to keep my skin hydrated and happy.

Caring for my skin has become a big self care act for me. It’s an important part of my day, and on mask days, I can make a bath and add a little luxury to my day.

It’s a big change from the early days. My skin has responded much better to patience and products meant for healing rather than the “attack and conquer” method I tried for so long.

So when deciding how to care for your skin, just remember to keep the care part in mind. Your skin will thank you and you’ll get to spend every day feeling like you’re in a spa of magical things.