I have come to love our mornings. I’m definitely a morning person and I’ve been waiting for a long time to have a steady enough schedule to create a morning routine that starts the day off right.

It took some time to figure out what our flow looks like. This wasn’t something I preplanned and then put into motion. I did have a morning routine that I wrote out and then, of course, it all fell apart because I put way too many expectations and standards on our mornings that stressed me out and I would wind up doing nothing with the whole day.

So I stepped back. I let the mornings unfold. I had an idea of things I wanted to do and things I needed to do and then I let it all flow together.

I think the key to routines is to let them make themselves. Have expectations, but see where they fall naturally.

This is why I choose to call it a morning rhythm rather than routine. It’s a routine in that the same things happen in the same order everyday. But it’s our rhythm in that sometimes we do something different. We don’t have a start and end time for everything, just a general time frame for it to happen in. We created a system that flows from one thing to another with seamless transitions. There’s a natural movement within our routine which makes it feel more like a rhythm.

So now, after a few months of hectic mornings, unproductive mornings, productive mornings, and mornings of ease I’ve finally got our rhythm down. It’s not perfect. There’s definitely things I’d like to work on, but for the most part it adds a really nice layer of peace and predictability to our day.


Wake Up

Right now, we wake up about an hour before we get the boy and here’s what it looks like:

7:30 or 8ish

  • Check the phone - social media, weather, etc.

  • Try to read somethings - blog posts, articles, etc.

  • Make the bed

  • Do a few stretches

  • Brush teeth + wash face

  • Get dressed

  • Empty dishwasher

  • Start breakfast

What I love - I like taking some time before I get out of bed. Stretching really makes me feel fresh and starting the day with a made bed and being ready for the day sets a tone to be at least a little active which is important to me.

What I’d change - Mostly I’d like to have an extra half hour in bed, as crazy as that sounds. But I’d love to be able to have that time to read and get my mind in motion before my body gets started with the day.


  • I make a point to have a green smoothie full of goodies with some bacon for Ian and toast for us all.

  • We sit down together as a family with no electronics at the table and Oliver makes faces while we talk through the day.

I think it’s nice starting the day with personal interaction. Oliver wakes up to breakfast and he starts his day by sitting with the two of us while we all engage in some undivided attention.


I like to clean in the morning so the rest of my day is full of guilt free, whatever I feel like doing. Plus, this is the only way I know it’ll get done.

  • Turn coffee on - that way it’s ready when I’m done

  • Turn on a playlist - either one I’ve made for my monthly letters or whatever Spotify’s found for me

  • Reset kitchen - clean up after breakfast, wipe down stove and table, clear counter clutter

  • One bigger task - start laundry, clean bathrooms, declutter a messy area, just something to keep our house looking nice

I try to not over load myself with cleaning throughout the day. With two adults and a toddler running around, there’s always something to clean so my goal is not to stay caught up. It’s really to just keep things going a little at a time.


This is my favorite time of the day. I still try to keep some of the activities consistent, but everyday is a different day with a different mood and different weather, so we just kind of go with the flow.

Here is a general idea of how free time goes:

  • Coffee + a snack on the porch

  • Read some books / play

  • Journal + color

  • Sometimes we’ll do an episode of a TV show depending on the mood



Nap time is my free time where I’ll either blog, watch TV, eat some lunch or whatever.

Beyond this, we’re still getting the day worked out. There’s things we need more of and things we need less of. Beyond this nap, we don’t have as much structure as I’d like. It’s really just a free for all, but a very unproductive free for all.

Have any daily rhythm activities you like to do? Let me know in the comments!