SHOPPING BAN UPDATE // 7.25.18 - This Wild Home

Another month goes by and I'm doing okay.

There are a lot of changes happening. Some definite, some pending. Either way, they're all happening eventually. All good stuff, but I'm terrible at transitions. 


  1. Okay. I messed up guys. I spent money on a sweater shirt that I didn't need. I bought something on the "don't buy" list and I feel.... actually fine with it. Obviously I have great excuses: it was only $6, I didn't have anything like in my wardrobe, and it's now one of my favorite things I own. I know I probably should be a little harder on myself, but I stand behind this purchase. It was a great deal for something I love and to be fair, I kept the receipt and the tags on for a very long time so I could return it if it turned out to be an impulse buy. But here we are!

  2. On that same day I bought what I originally went to the store to get: a dress. I actually didn't own any and I had a dinner that required I wear a dress (restaurant dress codes). I don't even own a skirt or jumper or anything so it was a necessity. Again, I kept the tags just in case it was a momentary need that I didn't love in the long run but it made the cut.

  3. One thing that wasn't really a thing: I transferred my website to Squarespace and got a year long subscription for it. I went back and forth between WordPress and Square space but in the long run, I think for someone like me who doesn't have money for a developer and also doesn't have a brain for web design, Squarespace is the way to go. Plus it was basically the same price in the long run.

  4. It was Oliver and Ian's birthday this month so I spent some money on decorations and we were gifted some gift cards that we used for Oliver to get a big boy bed set up (that he thinks is a toy, not a bed). Technically it wasn't our money, but it was still spending which is an activity no matter what money you're using. And it's an activity I'm trying to be intentional with which is why I'm here telling you my monthly spending history.


Well, I think I just now realized what this is all for. Why I'm choosing to be public about my finances and spending. 

I am not the best at holding myself accountable. I'm far too good at sweeping things to the back of my mind and saying that everything is okay, even if it's not. 

I also think it's easy to feel like you don't have enough. It's easy to feel like you're poor with no disposable income. I can see that it's true for some, but for others, we're just too consumed with consuming to realize we don't need half of what we buy. 

Recently, the idea "the more you bring in the more you put out" has been circling my mind. I'm realizing that the more crap I bring into my house, the more money I waste on things I don't need, and the more waste I put into the world. The more garbage I create. The key to wasting less is buying less and I think that's a version of saving the world I can stand behind.

So I've got some goals to reach, and I've got some things to do. But this shopping ban has really made me think about how much stuff I waste on a daily basis. How much more I could be doing for myself. How much money I could be saving. I'm not rich. Not by a long shot. But I'd like to be comfortable one day. Debt free as soon as I can be. And I'd like to teach my kids how to be happy with what they have so we can all learn to take a little less so we can give a little more. 


Savings Reached: $800

I am officially removing the credit card from this shopping ban (because I plan on doing more in the future for all of our debt, including student loans). 

A few reasons why, most of which I cannot say. So I'll say the one I can. 

We're planning on moving by the end of the year. We don't know exactly when and we don't know exactly where. Ian has discovered the right career path for himself that will require us to move a time or two before we can official call somewhere home. 

That, amongst other things, has made me decide that growing our savings (while maintaining credit card interest at least) is the best thing for us right now. With moving fees and transitioning from having me at work part-time to being home full time (which will be an awesome transition for our family that I can do with Ian's new position) a saving larger than just an emergency fund is what we need in this moment. 

Luckily, our savings is looking great! I had no idea we had room to put away this much in just two months but I'm proud of what we've done so far.

Photo by Lisa Fotios

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SHOPPING BAN UPDATE // 7.25.18 - This Wild Home
SHOPPING BAN UPDATE // 7.25.18 - This Wild Home
SHOPPING BAN UPDATE // 7.25.18 - This Wild Home