Just like the wildflowers, we change with the seasons.

I once read a quote that said something like that. Of course, I don’t remember it word for word.

Especially not word for word, but the message has been a prevalent theme in my life recently. The general idea was that flowers don’t grow all year long. They have seasons where they rest, they stop growing, they recede into themselves and all the while, they always come back. They’re just as strong and just as beautiful as they were before and just because they don’t flourish in winter doesn’t mean they won’t flourish at all.

The idea behind this quote is to give yourself a break.

Living things were not meant to thrive all year. We have a winter, we go through seasons. We are affected by the world around us, but all the same, summer comes again.

This idea has suddenly become very important to me. People say things all the time like, “nothing lasts forever” and “you’ll have ups and down” and I mostly know it’s true. When I’m thriving, it’s hard to feel like I’ll ever come down and when I’m down, it’s hard to believe I’ll ever thrive again. It’s funny how we are all somehow working to reach that moment, the moment where we’re always thriving.

We’re constantly looking for ways to be better. Yet, we somehow believe there is a ceiling to what we’re capable of. Once we reach it, we will have discovered our true happiness and we’ll never have winter again.

I fall into this. I always think, “If I could just make this one thing a success, I’ll finally thrive all the time.” That’s not realistic. We weren’t made to thrive all year. We were’t made to find one thing that makes us happy. Still, we work and we grow and sometimes, it feels like we are right on track. Growing more and more each day. On the other hand, sometimes we feel like nothing will ever feel right again. We feel like the whole world will always be against us and we’ll never be able to bloom enough to reach our potential.

You can’t see a physical bloom in humans though. We always look the same for the most part, we don’t shrivel up on the outside when our personal winters roll around. We still have to wake up, go outside, and pretend we’re in full bloom. I think that’s why it’s so hard to catch a break. You don’t get to say you’ll be back in a few months after winter has passed. We forget we are living things, just the same as the flowers that wilt and the animals that hibernate. We’re all suppose to go with a flow of ups and downs.

Yet we’ve all decided we’re above that. Because we’re human, we’re somehow better.

We’re stronger than the seasons.

We can work the same year round. So when our inevitable winter arrives, rather than acknowledging our natural reaction to seasons, we assume we’re doing something wrong. Like we’ve chosen the wrong path and it makes us question why we’re doing this in the first place.

Take this blog for example.

I’ve started and stopped blogs more times than I can count. I get extremely inspired, almost like a high that will last forever. These are the times where I write and write. I feel inspiration all around me and then one day, I cant even get out of bed. I go to my computer, click around, and nothing means anything anymore. All the work I did feels useless and I start to wonder if I was ever meant to do this. Am I even a writer? Do I even have a voice? Then a new season arrives and I’m back, better than ever. I have confidence in my abilities and I believe in myself again.


Because I’m conditioned to think I am larger than life, I stop believing it’s meant to be when I lose motivation. All of my winter feelings add up and when I get the inspiration I need to start something, I doubt all of it. I know the inspiration is fleeting and I know it will go away without any warning. It makes me hesitate. It makes me feel like all the positive feelings are a fluke. Like the thing I love is not truly what I want to do. So I avoid the inspiration and just wait it out until it’s gone.

But what if that’s how the flowers felt? What if after a long cold winter the flowers said, “eh.. what’s the point in ever blooming again?”

So that’s why I like this quote that I can’t remember. Even without remembering it word for word, I am reminded that even flowers need a break. Maybe even they feel like winter is forever. Maybe they resent the sun for teasing them with the joy of summer in the first place.

But in the end they always come back.

They rise up and do what they were always suppose to do.

They become what they were always suppose to be: A perfect little flower in full bloom.