It may seem counter productive using Pinterest for minimalism. Going through a website full of stuff you don’t have, triggering those “want” sensors in your brain. Sifting through the endless photos of another person’s life. Storing it away so you can remember the life you want, but don’t have.

It may seem torturous. It may seem like the worst thing in the world, teasing yourself with photos full of stuff you’ve always wanted. If you’re working on living with less and training yourself to want less, why would you fill your head with all the things you’re trying to forget?

Pinterest helps my minimalism because of all of that.

I’m a wanter. It’s why I needed minimalism in the first place. I have fallen into the trap of constantly wanting more and more. Driving myself insane thinking about how I’ll never have all the stuff I “need” to be happy. I would go mindlessly browse the isles of Target looking for that one item that was going to do it. That one little thing that I could buy to make my day. I still do this sometimes.. but it’s usually a more intentional purchase than I would have made before.

Now, it’s important to understand that minimalism doesn’t mean giving up all your stuff and living in a bland box of nothing. The goal with minimalism is to simply let go of the idea that possessing things is the source of happiness. It’s helping yourself to think in terms of want when it comes to stuff rather than, need.

So that’s where Pinterest comes in. It’s a tool for curating a home I love and a style that makes me feel confident. When I first got into minimalism, it became less about what I wanted my life to look like and what I wished I could be. Instead, I shifted my focus to who I am and what compliments that the most.

Pinterest is a great way to not only get inspiration on how to cultivate a comforting space, but to learn how to style and appreciate the things you already have.



    With all the pins and boards you make, whether you know it or not, you are typically pinning the same kind of stuff. The pins you gravitate towards will be similar in style and feel. This realization has helped me on my journey to living with less.

    When I first got into minimalism, I went through my boards and took note of the similarities throughout my pins and deleted the pins that didn’t fit. It helped me to stop day dreaming about the home or wardrobe I thought I wanted and gave me a clear view of the styles I gravitate to the most. This way, when I’m purging my stuff or I’m in the market for something new, I can ask myself; is this an item that would really add to my ideal environment or is it something that represents an unrealistic version of myself?

    It may sound silly, but Pinterest can be a great way to understand yourself better. As you mindless pin things you don’t realize that a piece of yourself goes into every item added to your board. Use this as a tool to really understand who you are and the vibe you want to create for yourself.


    Between the all articles, blog posts, and photos, Pinterest is a great source for minimalist motivation. I can’t even count the times I’ve run into a post that showed me a new perspective on minimalism that about made me go through all my stuff again. There is a great community of people engaging in minimalism and sharing their experiences. Each experience and perspective I’ve seen has taught me something new that I can add to my minimalism.

    Seeing what others find important and the process they took to make their own minimalism helps me to find new and better ways to live with less. It motivates me to see other people doing it and keeps me in check when my mind starts to wondering into things-I-don’t-have land. The benefits of seeing other people on their minimalist journeys are truly endless.


    As I said before, I’m a Target wonderer. I have been known for scavenging the isles for anything and everything I could possible want. I would sit and look at different items. Day dreaming of the life I could have that would fit with each thing. It drove me crazy. It really is remarkable how hard it is to understand yourself when you allow yourself to have anything. In these times of having that desire to wonder, I turn to Pinterest.

    I look to my boards that are filled with a specific style that I know is true to me. I think about the things I have that need upgrading. The blank spaces that are left by things that didn’t quite fit right, and I shop without actually ever buying anything. I make lists of what I need. Create my little mood board of how it’s going to fit in. When I finally make it to those Target isles, I know exactly what I’m looking for.  I will still browse for the fun of it, but I’m not shopping because I feel lost anymore.


    We all know about the DIYs on Pinterest. Pretty much any DIY you need is there. I don’t even use google for my DIY needs, it’s just straight to Pinterest. But also, I’m not a big DIYer.. I thought I was, I’ve tried to be, and I’m just way too impatient and I hate following directions so it’s just not for me. DIYs are a great way to upgrade what you already and have to transform it to be even more than what it already is.

    What I’m talking about is a little different than a DIY to physically upgrade your things. I’m talking about a mindset change that can save you time and money.

    Pinterest helped me to appreciate the items I already had by showing me how to style it better. Like the couch that was old and didn’t quite fit my style is now a loved piece in my living room. Pinterest taught me the power of accessorizing and how little things can really make a big difference. Rather than buy a whole new couch, you can get a simple throw blanket or pillow to add the character you want. - an added bonus is when you find a pillow or blanket you already have! Minimalism doesn’t mean keeping eyesores or things that bring you down no matter what you do. But Pinterest has helped me to see that sometimes it’s only an eyesore because the surrounding environment isn’t what you want it to be.


    My minimalism is really about clearing the clutter so I can achieve my goals and work towards creating the life I want. Not by measuring my success with the stuff I’ve acquired, but in how I feel throughout my days. Pinterest is helpful because it can show me what I like without adding unnecessary clutter to my space. It is an ever changing mood bored full of all the things I want my life to be.

    When I’m intentional about my pinning, my boards turn into a source of motivation to live the life I want. While comparing yourself to others is not always productive, it can sometimes be a good motivator to get what you want. When I see bloggers on Pinterest with their families and a perfectly cozy home, I know I want that. I know I want a life where I can spend my time with my family and share my experiences with the world. Sometimes I get antsy and impatient, but through all of that I’m always motivated. I’m motivated to make my house feel like a home, I’m motivated to grow my family, and I’m motivated to create more intentional moments with them.

Thank you, Pinterest, for all you do. It really is a great source for minimalist everywhere.

What are some ways you like to use Pinterest? Do you have other sources to help your minimalism? I’d love to know in the comments!