It’s a newer concept for me to theme my year, but I’ve found it’s helpful in shaping your priorities.

Last year, Ian and I felt that it was officially time to grow up and set ourselves up for a little stability. At the beginning of the year we were a bit lost, but we knew we needed to try and start something. We felt that 2018 was the beginning. The year that we would find some solid ground to stand on. At the very least, we knew that we couldn’t keep drifting along doing the bare minimum anymore. So we themed 2018 as, The Year Of Getting Stuff Done.

Looking back on this past year, I’m very proud of us. We’ve accomplished almost all of our goals. Ian has stabilized himself in a promising career and I am able to be home with my kids. I managed to actually find my footing with this blog and I almost reached my goals for social media (and almost is honestly more than I ever thought I’d get to). We’re eating better AND at home more. We shaped up. We truly feel like adults who are capable of raising children and contributing to the world around us.


Now that we’re coming to the new year, we’ve been thinking a lot about what we’ve done so far and what direction we need to take next. Because we were able to create a solid foundation to stand on this past year, it’s now time to do something with it.

We’ve thought about the negatives and positives in our lives and there’s one thing that’s stood out to us in all our years together. It’s been a heavy weight on us for a very long time and it’s name is: finances.

I’m sure there are many people who can relate. People who have the student loans and credit card debt that have accumulated as you try and set yourself up for success. People who, no matter how hard they try, have a hard time finding independence and financial freedom.

We’ve been those people for a very long time. We’ve been those people who have felt prohibited from so many things. Who have wondered if they’ll ever be able to own a home or save for their children’s future or find any footing in the financial world.

So now that we’ve taken this past year to resolve a lot of stress-points in our life, we’ve decided it’s time to officially tackle the biggest one.


I aspire to feel light.

That little ball of stress that weighs you down every time you pay a bill, I want that to never show up again. The one that I used to get when I’d look around at my messy house. The one I used to feel when I’d have to leave Oliver at home as I ventured to work for the day. All the little balls of stress that I’ve, one by one, worked hard to get rid of. I want them all gone.

Realistically, I know I’ll have stress in my life. My kids will grow up, we’ll face hard times; life isn’t perfect.

But I want to eliminate as much anxiety as I can and there’s one big one that follows me everyday.

So, for me, freedom means never questioning if you can afford to turn the lights on at night. It means knowing I’ll never have to put my kids through what we’ve been through. It means learning from other’s mistakes and successes as well as our own. It means living well under our means in order to have enough to give back.

Basically, freedom means that all this stupid debt we’ve had hanging over our heads will be gone.

It may not all happen this year, but this is the year we are able to actually start working towards our financial goals and trim down the weight we’ve been carrying. This is the year we can start working towards financial freedom and really begin to set our family up for a comfortable future.