Nesting is here. It’s here strong.

Part of it may be because we’re in a new place so I generally am trying to get settled in, but also… baby stuff!

Now that I’m in my second trimester, past all the high miscarriage percentages of the first trimester, I can really get excited about this baby. That, and we found out (drum roll please) it’s a boy!

Honestly, my first trimester was spent in a blur of moving and settling into our new home. This second baby, unfortunately, did not get to be the center of attention in my mind. He was pushed off to the side while I dealt with the day to day of having a new home, a new routine, and a one year old who learned to run faster than walk.

Now, I am officially ready so settle into being a second time mom and start preparing to welcome this newest addition to our home. I’m so excited to start making the additions needed to create a home for two babies instead of one.

Since I already have one boy and both my sisters in law have boys, I don’t really need any clothes or anything. I’m pretty sure we’re set on boy clothes for life. So I’ve decided I’m going to pour all my planning energy on creating a little nursery space in our room.

We have this really pretty window spot where our dresser currently lives. I’m going to take all that and move it to the closet so I can create a sunny little baby spot he can call his own.


To start, here is some of the inspiration I’m pulling from!

  1. I really loved the idea of a bassinet for Oliver but we just didn’t need one. For this baby, it just makes the most sense.

  2. The neutral tones in here are real nice.

  3. I really like the playful pops of color in this room.

  4. I like the idea of having some kind of design on the walls to really define the space.

  5. I feel like this is the perfect blend of playful and grown up that a bedroom nursery needs.

  6. These guys really did a nursery in the bedroom right.


And then of course, here are the items I’m using to create our own little nursery in the bedroom.

  1. The bassinet and stand.

  2. A few wall decals.

  3. This wall hanging.

  4. This cart for diaper + clothing storage.

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