Two money talks this month because having a baby sets you back a bit.

So March was baby month! We had family staying with us for about 3 weeks to help us manage everything which was super helpful. We also were able to put more money into our credit card now that we’re getting a handle on everything which is super exciting. I’m hoping we can put more and more into our credit card each month to get that paid off at least by the end of the year.

As we continue on our debt-free journey, I’m starting to think we may be a little closer to paying everything off in five years rather than three, but I have a pan for April to try and see if we can get back on track for our 3 year goal instead!

So, extra expenses were a bit hefty this month.

We spent about $750 on one time expenses and here’s why:

  1. WE’RE OFFICIALLY TEXANS | Yes, we got all our registrations and IDs and everything this month to make us officially texans! But registering a car is not cheap so it was close to $250 to get everything we needed officially transferred to Texas stuff.

  2. CLOTH DIAPERS | Yes, I’m attempting cloth diapers with this second boy. I’m hoping to save lots with this method, though we’re waiting until he’s a little bit bigger to officially start him on cloth diapers. But, all in all it was a little over $250 to get all of the stuff we needed.

  3. SUBSCRIPTIONS | We have a few subscriptions we’re signed up to and I include that, along with little odds and ends home goods to our one time expenses even though some of them occur every month. So this month we got our toilet paper subscription from Who Gives A Crap and we also got our cleaning supplies from Gove Collective.

One thing I would love is for these extra expenses each month to go down significantly if not go away altogether. We’re still settling into our home and kids will always add some kind of expense, but I’m going to be working to make these purchases a little more spars so we can add more to our debt.


Made - 4015.83

Spent - 3128.73

one time expenses - 737.82

rent - 

groceries - 490.60

restaurants/coffee/fast food - 222.41

gas - 52.50

loans - 647.44

debt - 600

bills -  377.96

So our food gets better each month, though in February we were still finishing off our meal plan subscriptions and in March we did have family contributing to paying for food costs, so I think April will be our official look at what our food costs will be like from here on out. I’m still working to bring that down, but I’m also trying to not be too stingy since it is food after all.

I was able to put $600 into the credit card this month which was a goal of mine. Again, I think it’s totally possible for us to do more each month and I’m going to be looking into where we can move money around to make that happen.


Now that we’re settled into our new home, town, and baby; I want to put my focus pretty heavily into debt, and with that I’m going to try and create a realistic budget to stick to. I’ve spent the beginning of this year trying to get an understanding of where our money goes, and while I don’t think all of our spending is completely irresponsible, I do think we are a little to quick to buy things for convenience or simply just for fun when we really don’t need to.

So in April I’m going to make a budget that is modest but not too restrictive so I can keep better track of where our money is going BEFORE we spend it.