Summer is officially in full swing. My jeans will no longer cut it and I’ve become more aware of fabrics and how they breathe. Mostly because none of the clothing I own has a light, airy fabric.

You don’t think about the science behind clothes. The thought that goes into a summer wardrobe is more than just, “that’s cute and floral.” There’s the fabric that adds a light and airy touch. The fit that allows the wind to flow through with out making you feel smothered. I never understood the point in a separate summer and winter wardrobe until I started feeling that heat. Now, it’s necessary.

Still, I’m not great on summer time. My postpartum body look good when it’s covered in clothes that hold everything together, but the breezy, loose clothing is a little out of my comfort zone. It’s been difficult for me to get into summer time because I’ve felt the need to hide. So I’ve been looking for a middle ground wardrobe.

I want a wardrobe for summer that will help me redefine my comfort zone and find confidence in my new body without throwing myself to the wolves. I won’t be able to get every piece this summer, but I think these basics are a good foundation for a fun, beat the heat wardrobe.


  1. First, get to know your fabrics.

  2. Yes to an oversized t-shirt dress!

  3. Obviously sandals.

  4. This light and airy white shirt.

  5. Someone help me find the perfect pair of mom jean shorts.

  6. Linen tank tops are at the top of my need to get list.

  7. You can never go wrong with a good, light t-shirt.

  8. I’ve noticed these shorts are getting a lot of attention this summer.

  9. A simple summer skirt is always a good idea.

  10. And of course I need my stripes to round it all out.

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