As I dig further into minimalism, I’ve started seeing this phrase pop up: simple living

For a while it seemed out of reach, especially when thinking in terms of simple = easy. It seemed like simple living was a luxury that only the most successful people could possess. A simple life full of slow mornings, meaningful activities, and time. Time to enjoy the life I’m living. Not living paycheck to paycheck. Not living for the weekend. Just living.

Recently, I’ve started seeing what people really mean when they talk about simple living. They’re not talking about living an easy life. They’re not saying that they already have everything, just that they have enough. They don’t need the latest and greatest, they’re not chasing the newest trend. They’re just choosing to live.

So that is what I’m working towards. Eliminating the stress and making every moment a moment worth living. I’m working to slow down and be intentional in everything I do. It might not be easy, but it certainly is worth it.

On my journey to simple living, I’ve found a few resources and created a few to help my process to creating a simple life. It doesn’t take much to get started, but having the words and stories of people who are living simply is always an encouraging way to get started. For me, it helps to see all the different means to the same end. Taking in all the versions of simple living that are out there has helped me to take the steps in creating a life that is right for me.

So take a look at the list I’ve put together and let me know if there are any motivations that helped you on your journey to simple living!


  1. An introduction to simple living.

  2. Quick tips to simplify.

  3. A 7 Day Hygge Challenge to help you slow down.

  4. Declutter your time to focus on the good stuff.

  5. Practice a little self care.

  6. Journaling prompts to get started with simple living.

  7. A good read on the beauty in a mediocre life.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova