It’s no secret that becoming a minimalist has changed my life. It’s helped me find peace with where I am and where I’m going. Despite what it may seem, minimalism is more than just getting rid of things for the sake of having a cleaner home. The stuff is just practice for the bigger things. You start by getting rid of the things in your life that you just don’t use which leads to discovering things about yourself. You discover that you have more than just things that weigh you down.

But, with every trend there comes “gurus.” People who found a way that works for them and try to say it will work for others. You get people with the lists of things that people need. Some who say you have to only own this much stuff. It really turns a lot of people off to this idea that isn’t suppose to have a standard. It’s not suppose to be one type of minimalism. Sure, there are guidelines. But we all have different need and different desires. It’s not possible for any one lifestyle to fit every person.

I felt it was important to reflect on the things that inspired me to become a minimalist in the first place. I’m not one to see what others are doing and take it word for word. The people who truly inspired me were the ones who simply shared their story. The ones that guide without demanding. These are the people who share minimalism for exactly what it is. The open-ended, do it yourself, lifestyle that it was meant to be.

For anyone that is interested in becoming a minimalist for the sake of creating their own path to a meaningful life, enjoy my links to resources that really helped me a long the way!


  1. A quick guide to minimalism.

  2. The podcast that inspired me to be a minimalist.

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  4. An interesting post on why millennials are getting into minimalism. This is also my favorite blog as of late.

  5. A documentary on minimalism and the people who are living it.

  6. A list of lies that keep our homes and lives cluttered.

  7. An inspiring post on how minimalism helps you live fearlessly.

  8. A week of journaling prompts for creating a minimal life.

Photo by Saar Manche