It is hard to believe Oliver turned one this week.

I’ve been reminiscing on where we were a year ago and how much we’ve changed. I’m more aware of how important these moments are because I can’t shake the realization that he will be grown up one day, living on his own with his own kids… and now I’m crying. I’m more active because babies aren’t great at sitting still for long periods of time. And I’ve had to push myself to find drive to keep going, because moms don’t really get breaks.

Motherhood has been a balance. Trying to do everything I need to for Oliver while still trying to remember I am my own person. I’ve had to throw out my idea of a perfect mother and just be the best I can be. That means the occasional weird YouTube video of neon shapes is totally acceptable when your 4 month old is bored and you’re out of funny faces to make.


I’ve learned that babies would rather play with dirt than any toy in their possession. I’ve learned that as soon as they can move, that’s all they want to do. And, even though you think you know how fast they grow, they actually grow twice as fast as anyone could actually prepare you for.

With all my newfound mom wisdom that we all get when we become moms, I wanted to share my master list of things I used in Oliver’s first year of life.


0 – 3 MONTHS

  1. This swing took some getting used to, but then it was the only thing Oliver would nap in.

  2. When we put Oliver in a swaddle with velcro he started sleeping through the night. It was amazing.

  3. Dressing a newborn is terrifying (especially as a new parent), so I believe these front wrap onesies are a must have. (cheaper here)

  4. Having this pack n play was great for transitioning from co-sleeping to sleeping by themselves, or if you’re not into that it’s also great for keeping them close, and can be used as a travel bed for like, 2-3 years. It’s a pretty good investment.

  5. If you’re doing any kind of pumping, this pump saved me so much time. Also, I found these plastic free bottlesafter Oliver was done with bottle feeding, but I’m definitely trying them with the next kid! (and if you’ve tried them, let me know what you think!)

3 – 6 MONTHS

  1. This book was a big hit.

  2. This rocker/chair was awesome because you could move it from room to room.

  3. Old Navy, Carter’s, and H&M are great places to get inexpensive kids clothes because they grow so fast.

  4. We used a playmat often. It’s a great tummy time spot and a good place to let them sit and entertain themselves while you do stuff.

  5. Boppy pillows are awesome for so many things. Breastfeeding, keeping baby upright before they can sit, getting started with tummy time. We honestly used out boppy all the time.

  6. This crib is super inexpensive and goes with any decoration.

6 – 12 MONTHS

  1. This is when we finally got out a highchair to try and feed Oliver. This one has a tray on top of the tray to make clean up super easy.

  2. These bowls are so handy. They have a suction cup on the bottom so babies can’t pick them up and throw them or turn them over.

  3. I liked keeping a balance of snack food and homemade food for Oliver. He loved being able to hold these bars by himself and eat. They’re super crumbly, so while they’re kind of a mess, you don’t have to worry about choking.

  4. These cups became my favorite. It’s great for kids that are upright most of the day, but also good for learning how to use a straw.

  5. This walker was awesome to help Oliver learn to walk and stand up by himself.

  6. Oliver loves riding in his car for walks. It makes him feel like part of the action.

  7. This dump truck is awesome because he can keep his toys in it and walk around with it.