I’ve naturally spent a lot of time in my kitchen this past week. I also added quite a bit of ingredients to my cabinets that I normally don’t keep at my house. Useful ingredients that I can get creative with, but still, more than what I originally organized for.

So basically, I learned two things this past week:

  1. My kitchen is horribly disorganized.

  2. I actually kind of enjoy cooking.

Knowing these two things has motivated me to get a little more organized in my kitchen so I can get a little more creative without having to dig through all the ingredients most home chefs need to keep.



As you can see, I didn’t have much rhyme or reason to my cabinet. I mostly just threw in items as I got them and tried to smush everything far enough back to prevent things from falling out.

Would you want to cook in the kitchen? Me either.

So finally, I took sometime to get it organized. I went in with a few goals.

  • It needed to look nice.

  • I wanted to put as much as I could in air tight containers (and out of plastic).

  • I wanted to be able to look in the cabinet and immediately know what I have and how much.

So then, I got to work on making these things happen.


First thing, glass jars and a chalk pen are an organizer’s best friends. They are relatively inexpensive OR if you’re patient enough, you can collect enough glass jars over time from groceries like sauces or spices that eventually you’ll have a nice little, basically free collection!

I happened to have a stupid amount of mason jars lying around from moments here and there when I thought I’d be more proactive in meal planning than I’ll probably ever be, so that was pretty lucky I guess. (plus, mason jars are usually under $10 for a 12 pack depending on the size which makes them really accessible)

I pulled everything out of the cabinet and went to work taking things out of the package and putting it into a nice, glass jar.



Now, I’ve got my miscellaneous, rarely used items up top. My flour, sugars, grains, and spices in the middle. And a few, more commonly used or “ready to use” items on the bottom.

I can see what I have. I can now use things that I honestly forgot I had in the mess of everything before. It helps me meal plan a little easier to be able to open the cabinet, see what’s in it and what needs to be used and plan accordingly.

The best part is, when I run out of something I can refill it from the bulk section and save money while also wasting less packaging and all that good stuff!

At some point, I’d love to find or buy a few larger jars so I don’t have to put one tiny bag of flour into 3-4 different jars, but I’m working with a budget here so that will just have to wait.

So there you have it! An organized space cabinet that brings a little more piece to my otherwise overwhelming kitchen!