Cutlery and general utensils are those things where it seems like there’s an obvious space for them, but the obvious space isn’t always the most practical.

If there’s something I’ve learned from moving a billion times and just finding my own adult rhythm, it’s that the conventional thing is not always the right thing.

This could be explored on so many levels. From being your own type of person to your own type of parent to creating your own kind of career and so on. But for now, I’m sticking to the surface with home organization and creating standards that suit your needs, even if they don’t make sense to anyone else.

So utensils. In a typical home there’s a drawer where they live. You will usually find enough utensils for everyone to use plus a bunch of extras. This drawer can often be found with a plastic organizer that separates the forks from the knives and the spoons and so on. It makes a lot of sense so why not just stick to that tune?

Well, because I have a toddler that can reach the drawer where the knives once lived. Because I’ve lived in homes with big drawers that were made for cutlery organizers and I’ve lived in homes with tiny drawers that barely stretch long enough to fit the cutlery. Not to mention the fact that I don’t like tedious tasks like organizing the cutlery. I like to reduce my chores to be as mindless and quick as I possibly can.

In my life right now, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have an organized drawer for these things, so I’ve had to find another way.



This was something I found a solution to a little while ago. First of all, I had enough cutlery to where Ian and I each had 5 of each utensil to ourselves. Why? Well, who knows. Because I was suppose to? So I got rid of a lot of it and left us with 2 of each utensil for each of us. For me, cleaning a fork every once in a while is so much better than storing a bunch of utensils that never get used.

IF (notice that really big “if”) we have company - which we haven’t in like, a year. We’re hermits. It’s fine. - we can either grab some plastic or bamboo utensils or just make finger food.

And now our cutlery lives in a jar by the toaster where we can easily grab what we need or put things away without thinking twice.



You guys. The day I learned my son could reach the knives was the day I started having dreams of him horrifically hurting himself in an irreversible way and those knives were moved to a higher location immediately.

To start, we don’t have an on-the-counter knife holder because, ain’t nobody got room for that (remember the moving all the time to places with all different sized storage space?) and also that’s just not how our hand-me-down knives came.

So for a very long time our knives lived on the counter next to my little notebook/planner/computer station and I’ve got to say, that corner went from tidy and organized to a stress inducing mess.

I left it like that for a good while because:

  1. There isn’t a great space to hang a magnetic holder in our current place.

  2. We’re moving very soon so it doesn’t seem worth it to put holes in the walls or buy something that may not work in the next place right before we leave.

I also felt pretty limited on counter space because I haven’t quite figured out how I want to organize everything over here so there we were. A bunch of knives haphazardly sprawled about on the counter.

Finally, my slow pregnant brain thought, “Why not do the same thing with the knives that I do with the cutlery?” DUH. So there you have it! A much neater solution to my very specific problem!


For these home improvement posts, my goal is really to show that there is no “right way” to do things. Every single one of us has specific problems that need specific solutions. We have our own preferences and our own strategies to bring peace to our lives and they are all the right way.

The right way for us may even change over time. Realistically, I’ll probably upgrade our knives along with their storage when we’re moved into the next place.

For now, here are my solutions to improve my at-home experience and hopefully, this will encourage you to think outside the box and do what you need to do to bring yourself peace in your home!