Happiness. The state of being happy. 

Happy. Feeling or showing contentment. 

The word happy has taken on a whole knew meaning. What was once a simple contentment has becoming an expression for pure joy. Absolute glee is what we really mean when we say, “happy.” When you break it down, happiness is suppose to be simple. Content. Essentially, a lack of chaos. Finding no wrong with the world around us.

It’s a big promise people like to make, happiness.

You’re promised happiness if you find the right job, the right house, the right spouse, the right clothes, the right friends. If everything lines up perfectly, you’ll find happiness. Which basically means that you have to seek the things that will make you happy or make yourself appear like someone that can make others happy which will, in turn, bring things to you that will make you happy.

This is the general subconscious message others love to play on. Of course, we all know that having a shirt will not make us eternally happy. It’s what the shirt can provide that makes us easy to fool. The commercial that shows the pretty girl with the perfect shirt. You know the one. She’s smiling in the sun with five of her closest friends. She goes to her dreamy job where she’s designing more shirts just like the one she’s wearing. When the day ends she goes home to her perfect boyfriend who’s made an amazing meal and you can tell he’s the kind of guy who will ask if she wants a back rub.

Now, if only we could get that damn shirt.

Have we ever thought to ask why we seek happiness? Why can they trick us? Why, as a society, have we all started striving to be happy? It makes sense, why wouldn’t we want to be happy? It’s almost a silly question to ask, except we’ve changed the definition of happy and I want to know why. Why have we made happiness more than it’s suppose to be. It’s not suppose to be joy or glee. It’s not suppose to be an overwhelming feeling that consumes our whole body and mind. That’s why we have words like joy and glee, to describe the overwhelming feeling that happiness was never meant to be. All it was ever suppose to be was, content.

In a sense, what I think we are all really striving for is meaning. To have a purpose in the world. To be content by establishing purpose to our existence. Happiness isn’t what makes life worth living. Happiness is the feeling you get when you know your life is worth it. Now, isn’t that much easier to achieve than infinite joy?