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We all have one. It starts when we’re young, looking to the future. We go from wanting to be a princess to an astronaut. Things some of us may live up to, but for most of us they are just the dreams of a child who has no idea how much school it takes to be an astronaut and how many rules you have to follow to be a princess. It can be naive sometimes, but it’s how we find motivation to be more than what we start with.


Your future self is the person you imagine your self to be.. in the future. It’s the person you are working to become. Your future self is a cocktail of your dreams and aspirations mixed with expectations. You mold your current life around the things you will need in order to become the future self you imagine yourself to be. Having a dream of a future youwho is better than current you is always a good thing. Striving to be better will only make you better.

But what about when your future self starts negatively affecting your current self? What about when your future self is accidentally living up to someone else’s expectations or version of success?

Here’s the future self I want to talk about. The person who makes you think it’s necessary to have 5 serving trays when you only invite your two friends over every once in a while. The person who keeps telling you that even though you like your comfy shoes and always chose to wear those, you’re going to be a heels everyday kind of girl one day so you have to spend your money on those 4 inch heels RIGHT NOW! Your future self who is going to read everyday, stop watching so much TV, become a movie buff, eat only organic goop made from foreign fruits that the Gods pooped out.

That person is bringing you down because they are setting unattainable goals. I mean, come on. The Gods stopped pooping fruit for us mortals years ago. It’s just not going to happen.

It’s time to let them go. It is time to get real about what you actually want to be doing and who you truly want to be. It can be tricky. Our minds are stuffed all day, everyday full of other people’s lives and success. We peer into the homes of top bloggers with their perfect children and their perfectly set tables and we say, “That’s going to be me. One day my life will have no chaos and no stress. Just a perfectly set dinner table with a fresh, homemade dinner every night.”

We compare ourselves to advertisements. To the lives people want us to believe they lead. We create unrealistic goals for ourselves that always leave us feeling like we’re not enough. So it’s time to get real. It’s time to stop comparing and it’s time to get introspective. Finding the real you and who you really want to become can be tricky, but that’s what I’m here for. I don’t have all the answers for you, but with these next few questions you may be able to find the answers you’re looking for.

Future Self Quiz

Here’s how it works:

Get the worksheet!

Make a list of who you think you will be. Are you going to cook every night? Will you be in the next Netflix original? Will you be a well read traveler with impeccable style? Take each item on your future self list and run each of them through this quiz. For everything that makes it, write it down as who you'll really become.

a = 1 | b = 2 | c = 3 | d = 4


a. you love it and want to see it in your life.
b. it’s necessary for your ultimate goals.
c. you have seen other people do it and it feels like something all people do at a certain point.
d. it would make you look really good to other people.


a. you would be in your element, the most content!
b. it would be hard work and/or slightly tedious but it would be rewarding.
c. you’ve been procrastinating and may forever procrastinate on this task.
d. it might be the most dreadful thing you could possibly do.


a. i would have started this a million years ago if i could.
b. i could wait, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing.
c. i would really rather not.
d. i am dreading the moment this is a part of my life.

Add up your score and find your fate below:

3 – 6 : You did good! This is the perfect thing for your future self and I encourage you to add this into your current self immediately! If your future plans really make you this excited and you really believe they will make you happy, why not start working towards this now?

7 – 9 : This may not be for you. If it’s something you truly need to do to meet your ultimate goal, by all means, make that goal happen. Just maybe reevaluate a goal that includes a task you don’t love. While anything you do will sometimes feel like work and sometimes the things you love include tasks you hate, just make sure you’re not over burdening yourself with goals and becoming a person you don’t really believe makes you happy.

9 – 12 : Cross it off the list. Just let it go. You hate it! If other people judge you for not having this as a part of your future self, who needs them? If you feel like you have to because other people have done it, forget it. Be the best you that you can be. Your future self should be a reflection of a better you, not the you everyone else thinks you should be.

*If you're not happy with the results, you can still be whoever you want to be! Whatever makes you and your future self happy.*

Let me know if this helped you sort out who you want your future self to be! Leave some of your worst and best list items in the comments, I’d love to see how you guys imagined your future self before and after the quiz!

Photo by Brooke Cagle

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