I have officially completed my first full 10x10 challenge!

I started with a small wardrobe, so the idea of wearing the same thing all the time wasn’t a huge adjustment for me.

I think what I get from the 10x10 challenge is the fact that you share it with people. I don’t have much reason to leave the house too often so I get away with wearing simple, mostly boring outfits. I feel silly “dressing up” just to be at home all day, but for me, making a post about my outfit on Instagram feels the same as going out with friends (yeah yeah, it’s sad I know. Welcome to the introverted life).

So dressing as if I’m actually going to leave the house everyday helped me rediscover the passion I have for cleverly putting outfits together and helped me to be a little more bold.

I had some goals for this challenge, but what I really wanted was to get excited about my wardrobe and find the spark that I let go of a while ago. The spark that says even moms can dress well and feel good in what they wear. Even with the stretch marks and lose skin and inevitable food stains. Even though your family will probably be the only ones to see you that day, it’s okay to try and to have fun with what you’re wearing.


FALL 10x10 WRAP UP - This Wild Home
FALL 10x10 WRAP UP - This Wild Home
FALL 10x10 WRAP UP - This Wild Home
FALL 10x10 WRAP UP - This Wild Home
FALL 10x10 WRAP UP - This Wild Home
FALL 10x10 WRAP UP - This Wild Home
FALL 10x10 WRAP UP - This Wild Home
FALL 10x10 WRAP UP - This Wild Home


This is why I think challenges like this are extremely clever and important.

First, there’s a whole community surrounding it and sub communities that have formed so you get a lot of inspiration, but you also get to see a lot of people who are just like you. Their everyday outfits, the simplicity of putting an outfit together, and the fact that instagrammable outfits are not the standard we all look for.

On a more personal level, it’s a good excursive for learning more about your wardrobe and style. You can take the core of your wardrobe and learn how to build upon it by actually experiencing it first hand.


Between the clothes I wore and styled in different ways throughout the 10 days and the clothes that sat out this round, I felt a new appreciation for both.

I found different pairings and styles that make each piece feel like new. For the pieces I didn’t wear, I’m excited to add them to the mix and see how I can find creative ways to make them feel like new.


I already knew I had a problem with accessorizing. First of all, I don’t have many accessories, but I’ve been lazy with my outfit planning.

I don’t always feel like sifting through a bunch of things to make an outfit come together. On the flip side of that, I get bored easily.

I don’t think accessories have to be complex. In fact, I think having a your go-to’s with a couple wild cards thrown in is a perfect recipe for a well balanced wardrobe.

These last few days have taught me what kind of accessories to look for. I should most definitely treat myself to some jewelry and scarves.


I learned that a dress doesn’t have to be just a dress. You can wear it over and under things to change the piece all together. It becomes a skirt, then a shirt, then back to a dress.

The point being, the way you roll your sleeves or tie a knot or let things hang lose can change a piece completely.

I even had a day where I temporarily hemmed a dress with bobby pins to give it a more cutesy flow under a sweater.

Don’t stop yourself from trying anything at least once. You’ll either love it and wear it all the time, or you’ll hate it. But the worst that happens if you hate it is, you saw it and no one else did.


This may have been my biggest realization for moving forward with my wardrobe.

It’s okay if not every outfit is amazing. It’s okay to keep it simple. As you grow your wardrobe or tweak or upgrade it, keep fabric and quality in mind.

I think when it comes down to it, the care that went into the piece adds to it a whole lot more than a crazy design or flashy cut.

It’s fun to have crazy pairings here and there, but there’s no need to feel pressure to get that every day. Just wear what’s comfortable. Wear what feels right for the moment and you’ll be feeling good all day.