My husband and I have always loved going outside, having some drinks, and sitting together. It’s the activity that made us fall in love. As friends and roommates, we’d head to the deck of our house and just sit and talk for hours. We learned about each other and eventually decided we wanted to sit outside and talk forever.

Fast forward almost 5 years later and it’s still an activity that brings us closer together. It reminds us of the old days and gets us excited for the future. It’s a moment where it’s just the two of us and nothing else really matters.

But it’s cold now. We work harder now. We have more responsibilities now. We’re more tired now. And did I mention it’s cold now?

For some reason, sitting inside gives a different feel to things. It’s where our life happens. It’s where our kid runs around. It’s where we work. It’s not as romantic as the darkness and seclusion of our 3rd story patio. Honestly, inside is where you watch TV at the end of the night and don’t engage much. But this has to change because, like I said, it’s really freaking cold now.

So last night we had our first date night in a long time since moving away from family (aka much appreciated baby sitters). We’ve been learning more and more how important a regular date night is so we have recently decided to make it a weekly priority. But it’s cold now so we have to find a new way to engage in a special moment together without braving the outdoors and spending our whole time talking about the fact that it’s cold now.

So I’ve done some brain storming and last night, we figure it out!


The reason we feel inclined to leave normal life when trying to focus on each other is to have a setting that is different from our day to day. Something that won’t distract us. Not that we don’t wind up talking about work and kids, but we’re not stressing about them. That’s the key.

When it comes to date nights at home, going outside has always been our go-to because simply being outside at night has a different feel to it than day time. It’s almost like being in a different place all together.

So we changed the setting inside. We made inside a different home entirely.

I put all the toys away, straightened up the house very nicely, turned on the secondary lighting and did away with the overheads. We put the phones away and stayed turned towards each other, chatting away as the hours flew by.

If you’re going to do date night at home, you need to have a date night setting. Something that instantly puts you in a specific environment that’s romantic mood with no distractions.

Once you find your date night setting, here are some things you can do!


  • Get Fancy

    • Dress up. Make sure you’re still in comfy clothes, but fix your hair, maybe throw on some lipstick.

    • Grab a nice bottle of wine or a cocktail.

    • Light a candle or two or five or however many.

    • Set up a fire, or put on that crackling fire place Netflix has that can seem cheesy but it’s actually awesome.

    • Get some good background music going. Honestly, I’ve learned to appreciate smooth jazz recently and it’s not a bad way to get in a fancy mood.


    • Put on your comfiest PJ’s and coziest socks.

    • Grab some snacks and candy and maybe pizza cause why not.

    • Get all the blankets you can find.

    • Throw something on, but keep the volume low so you can talk over it and stay engaged.

    • Movie ideas: Timer, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, anything with Molly Ringwald, Julia & Julia, 50 First Dates, I don’t know. I haven’t seen a ton of movies. Have any suggestions?

  • Have A Sleepover

    For most couples that need to make a point to have date night, you’re probably already living together, but this is a fun way to change things up. Recently, Ian and I had to sleep in the living room because there was this really annoying noise coming from our downstairs neighbors that we could hear so clearly from our bedroom. Being in the living room made us feel like we were at a sleepover and it was awesome. If done right, it can feel like a a home away from home in your home!

    • Make a fort! Cause why not?

    • Set up all the couch cushions on the ground to make a mattress of sorts.

    • Stay up too late, channel your inner preteen. Maybe some truth or dare, maybe some ghost stories, it’s up to you!

    • Definitely have some cinnamon rolls the next morning.

  • Play A Game

    • Any game! Play cards, a board game. There are tons of apps for board games that are pretty fun.

    • You could also try one of these date night boxes that have different at home activities to try!

So there are some ways to mix it up and indulge in date nights at home without really feeling like you’re at home.