I come from a line of strong women.  Each generation has been one women after the other forging her own path to create a life she can be proud of. They’ve all been mothers and wives, and they have all been equal partners within the lives the created.

From my great-grandmother who decided to go back to school in her 80’s to my grandmother who created a household where mom and dad were equal to my own mother who has never let anyone tell her where her place is. They’ve all found their place their own way and stood their ground through whatever storm has come their way.

So I’ve had quite the legacy to follow. Strong wives and mothers and women. It’s hard to know where your place in all of that is. It’s hard to feel like following a traditional path is enough to contribute to the opportunities they’ve created.  

But when I look at the women before me, I realize it’s not about what you do. It’s about how and why you do it. Being a housewife and mother doesn’t mean the patriarchy has taken you down, if you’re doing it because you love it and that’s what you want to do. And if what you want to do changes, it’s never too late to try something new. 

so what does this have to do with steak? 

Well, steak has always been a man’s job in my mind. Not for any particular reason. It’s just how I’ve seen it done most of the time.  

You have that cliche image of men around a grill cooking steak, exchanging tips on how to get it just right. They each have their special way of preparing a steak to make it “the best.”  

But that’s not how it’s done at my house these days. It was, and then one day, Ian and I joined forces and found where our strengths truly lie. His in the prep and mine in the execution. 

We took the best of our methods to create a beautifully made steak that only a girl could cook to be just right. It’s a ritual I’ve taken for my own. A moment when I find some pants, throw them on, and our house becomes my house as we all devour a steak so perfect there is no other option but to sit in silence and take in all the glory in front of us. 

How to cook steak like a girl

  • First of all, throw away your grill. You don’t need it, maybe ever again. Just grab a skillet and get to it.

  • Second, grab some Dale’s (you can get it from any grocery store). It’s Ian’s contribution to this recipe that is honestly a dream.

  • Third, I’m gonna need you to throw a top-of-the-line ribeye in the Dale’s for 30 minutes (15 minutes on each side), not a minute more.

  • Fourth thing you need to do is grab all the butter in your house and slap half of it in the skillet (that should be heating up to about medium heat - the thicker the cut, the lower the heat and vice-versa).

  • Five? Throw that bad boy in that butter and don’t touch it for five to eight minutes.

  • Sixth thing you need to do is flip it and leave it for another five to eight minutes.

  • Last, but definitely not least; put the steak on a plate, throw MORE butter on top and eat it once that butter has melted.

Seriously, this is how to make the most perfect steak I’ve ever had. You don’t need a man or a grill or anything fancy. Just a good chunk of meat and a pan to cook it in. - and butter. Lots of butter.