When you’re a creative person, you tend to be someone who needs an outlet. A place where you can freely express yourself without a second thought. Where you don’t have to worry about judgement or embarrassment. Ironically enough, you usually express yourself through your outlet. It’s a way to connect to the world around you.


It comes and goes, almost without warning. When you have it, you feel invincible. When you don’t, it feels like all your purpose has suddenly slipped away and now it’s time to figure out what “regular” people do. Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m in a rut, I feel a loss of identity and personality that feels like it will last forever.

No matter what, we all have those days where the words don’t flow. The brush won’t paint and the cross stitch just can’t find it’s thread. In these moments, we lose our voice. For some of us, our mind goes numb and it’s easy to lose hope that we’ll ever connect again.

This is why I needed to find ways to have a little more control of that creativity. A way that I could harness it and make creativity happen for myself rather than just waiting around for it to happen on it’s own. The biggest thing I’ve found is to make time for myself. I feel like creativity is lost when we’re ignoring ourselves.

To help avoid the creative crash, I’ve compiled a list of all the things that make me feel like making again.



    I can’t get over how something as simple as a drink can put me in a relaxed state. Not necessarily an alcoholic drink (though those are nice too), but a really good coffee or tea. Whatever floats your boat. Coffee is my go-to because it gives me an afternoon boost that really gets my mind flowing. There’s something about creating and coffee that really is nice.


    I’m finding that I have to set very specific boundaries for myself in order to stick to things so scheduled screen time is a must. This includes phones, computers, tv’s. Whatever has a screen and distracts you from your thoughts. Personally, I think screen time is what has made me feel like I don’t have enough time in the day for the things I want. Really, it should be that I’m so busy creating that I don’t have time for screens. To be fair, some screens are necessary for creating, but try to set boundaries with the programs you allow during certain times. You’d be surprised how much you can create when you have nothing else to do.


    I am used to having at least one or two things going on that “need” my attention, so when there is nothing going on, it’s a little daunting. It puts pressure on me to actually entertain myself. One day, I just did it and it was awesome. I actually sat and looked at the sky and the trees and the clouds. Something I haven’t done in maybe 15 years. I felt so calm just taking in the world around me. In just five minutes my head was filled with all kind of thoughts and ideas that I wrote out in a notebook for over an hour. It’s become a daily routine for me to sit outside with coffee and a journal and listen to the wind while writing whatever comes into my mind.


    It is a great way to move past surface level thoughts. The ones that get stuck on a loop in your head that aren’t helping, just adding stress. Journaling is a great way to get those thoughts out and written down so you can move to the good stuff. It’s therapeutic. You get to vent and say whatever you need to say about anything. It doesn’t have to be clever, there’s no one to impress. It’s simply a space to get everything out. Every once in a while, you’ll write something brilliant.


    Unproductive comparisons will never help you progress. They hold us back more than we know. It’s taking time to focus on what you don’t have while acknowledging what other people have. If you’re like me, you get caught in a cycle that eventually leads to feeling like you’re not good enough which can make you feel like there’s no point. That’s the unproductive comparison.

    There is a productive way to compare: Rather than getting stuck in the cycle, write out or talk about what qualities you’re looking at in the other person. Think about what specific details you’re comparing and turn them into goals and admiration. Learn to admire the people you’re comparing to and be excited for them because they’ve made it. You’ll get there too. All it takes is a good attitude and a little determination.


    I’m constantly reliving moments from my past, thinking of things I could have done better. I also love dreaming of the future, imagining all the things my life could become. I’ve had a problem living within the life I have right now. Sitting and enjoying a moment that I’m in is really difficult for some reason.

    That is why I have these lists.

    This is why I need to evaluate my life and add in these little moments of self love. It puts me in the moment. It makes me happy to see where I am right now. Learning to sit in the current moment I’m living has played a big part in growing my creativity. Day dreaming is a great way to know where you want to be, but we could always be better right now. If you’re waiting to live in the moment only when everything is perfect, you’ll wind up missing everything. So love yourself, be in the moment, and keep creating.



“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But, since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” – Andre Gide

In all forms of creativity, you’re saying something. You may not be saying something new to the world, but you’re saying something based on your own point of view.

Seeing what others have to say can spark an inspiration in you that brings their point to a whole new perspective. A perspective that may reach some that the other perspectives could not.

Don’t look to other creators for the sake of stealing, but to inspire something new within yourself and to bring a new perspective to the world.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

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