ON BABY TWO + MOVING - This Wild Home

If you follow me on instagram then you may have heard our latest news: We have gone from having one kid in Lake Charles, LA to expecting our second child in Waco, TX. 

It's been a bit of a whirl wind over here. Everything happened fairly suddenly and unexpectedly and all at the same time. There were a lot of changes in a small amount of time. Many hours and days of anticipation, waiting to hear if our lives would stay the same or change forever. Each aspect of change has it's own little story that consumed different parts of our minds for the months and weeks that it became present in our lives. So let's dive in!


There are still so many questions we can't wait to answer about the newest addition to our family. What we do know is, there is a new life entering our lives around March 7th and we're so excited to meet this little one. 

I will say, this is a tricky little punk though. I actually took 3 pregnancy tests that all came out negative before I got the positive one. I knew deep down something was happening, but after that third test, I basically gave up hope and declared myself a crazy person for still not being 100% convinced that I wasn't pregnant even though 3 tests had told me I'm not (and I wasn't exactly taking them close together or super early in my cycle). 

Even still I wasn't convince. So one day, when Oliver was napping and I was by myself so no one had to know just how crazy I was, I decided to once and for all take just one more test. One test to put my suspicions to rest so I could be 110% sure that this month was a the bust I thought it was. 

Sure enough, that second little line came up and I learned that you really should trust your instincts, even when you think you're crazy. 

So here we are! The second trimester with our second little one. We can't wait to learn more and watch our family grow. I love that Oliver will have a sibling so close in age (20 months). I love being able to take in these moments where it's just Oliver and me. At the same time, I like to imagining how different life will be with two kids. Seeing them play together, forming a bond where they can gossip about how crazy their parents are.

I'm definitely nervous to take on the challenge of a two year old and a new born, but once we get through those first few months I know it'll be more rewarding than anything.


So then you have our move...

A little back story -
We're originally from Atlanta, GA. We grew up in Georgia, met in Georgia, got married in Georgia, had our first kid in Georgia. It was home for a very long time. 

Then, we moved to Lake Charles, LA. That is where my parents grew up and they moved back after I had moved out of their house. It's a smaller town and when Ian and I weren't finding a lot of career and financial success in Georgia, we decided to give Louisiana a try. 

Neither Ian or I have college degrees and being in a job market as saturated as Atlanta makes it difficult to move forward. That, and the raising housing prices really made it feel impossible to grow. 

So when we moved to Lake Charles, Ian found a really great company to work for. It was a place where he could start from the bottom but still had a lot of opportunity to move up. I'm talking 3 promotions in 6 months (they're not playing over there). It was really encouraging to feel, for the first time in our lives, that we could actually get ahead on debt and create a life we love. Money can't buy happiness... but it can definitely bring security, or at least a comfortable debt to income ratio.

So Ian's latest promotion has brought us to Waco, TX.

It went from thinking we'd be in Lake Charles for a long time to three long weeks of waiting to see if we'd be moving to Waco. It was really that fast.

Ian put in an resume for the position here in Waco and got an interview, and then another. This position was a big deal for us. It meant a huge change in more ways than just moving to a whole new town away from our family where we didn't really know too many people. It meant I could stay home full time with Oliver and Baby Two. It meant we could start paying off debt faster. It meant that there was a light at the end of the tunnel of working overtime while barely making enough to pay what we owed every month. 

So you can imagine those three weeks of waiting felt like three years. 

We didn't know if we should pack everything or settle in more. I didn't know if I needed to find a replacement at my job or dig my heels in for the long haul. Let me tell you: I am not patient or good at living in the in between.  

All the same, here we are.

I am home with Oliver. I'm growing our second baby. We're making our plan for our debt. We're settling into our new home in our new town. A town away from our families, but a town that feels like we could find a good pack to surround ourselves with. Things are different and there are moments where I wish I could be right across the street from my parents again, but we're settling in and making the most of our new town.

Plus now we can be best friends with the Gaines', right?