In all of my skincare planning and researching, I tend to forget about my body. My face has been my top priority for so long that the rest of my body gets nothing more than basic “keep it clean” care.

So I decided it was time to add at least one more step to caring for my bodies skin. Specifically before shaving. Razor burn has always been expected for me after shaving. I’ve never really done a great job at making sure I’m following all the steps needed to make shaving a less invasive process for my skin. So that’s where I decided to start.

I know shaving isn’t the most necessary thing in the whole world and I honestly don’t get to it as often as I could. But when I do shave and my skin is soft and smooth, it adds an extra layer of confidence to my day. I just love it and now, I’m making it an act of self care more than quick necessity.

So I recently started using a coconut coffee scrub and I absolutely love it.

I spent a lot of time trying to find a body scrub because I’ve heard they are crucial in a proper shaving routine. I knew I wanted something hydrating and exfoliating but it was really hard for me to spend a lot of money on something I knew for a fact I could make myself.

I’m not a huge DIYer, but I still have a little bug that reminds me when something would be more beneficial to make than to buy.

As I threw away my used coffee grounds everyday, I couldn’t help but think, “this could get used again.”



Body scrubs are super easy. Right now I just use two ingredients: left over coffee grounds + coconut oil.

Eventually I’ll add in some essential oils. Maybe lavender since I tend to shave at night and it’s very soothing and calming.

For the most part, I just throw my coffee grounds in a jar after brewing a batch of coffee and then add an equal part of coconut oil.

And really, a little goes a very long way so don’t feel like you need to save up a ton of coffee grounds before you make it.


I like to use this scrub in the shower, but if you don’t mind sitting in oil and coffee grounds, I’m sure the bath would be fine!

It’s definitely kind of a messy scrub, but showers are super easy to clean up.

Basically, my process is this:

  • I’ll grab a little handful of scrub, start at my feet and work my way up.

  • Then, I grab another small handful and work from my hands to my shoulders. (I like to avoid my torso and back because that skin is pretty sensitive)

  • I’ll even, VERY GENTLY, put a little on my face. The course coffee grounds don’t require rubbing anything in at all, but getting a little bit of that coconut oil on your face is a nice way to give yourself a little moisturizing mask while you go through the process.

  • Rinse all the coffee off. The coconut oil tends to stay in place until you use soap, but I like to give it some time to soak in before I clean off the excess.

  • After a few minutes, I use soap just in my hand to remove any excess oil from my arms.

  • Then, I’ll take a loofa to lightly scrub any excess oil from my legs before shaving (the oil build up will definitely destroy a razor if you leave in on while you shave).

  • Before rinsing the soap off, shave your legs and call it a day!

After the shower, I’ll go over everything with a light body moisturizer or oil since the hot water and soap can dry things out a bit. Though really, leaving the coconut oil on for just a few minutes is like a moisturizing body mask. It’s amazing.

(also, getting a little oil in your hair while you’re in there is not the worst thing!)

KEEP IN MIND: While coconut oil is a great mask for your skin, it’s not advised to leave it on as a moisturizer. Make sure you use soap to wash coconut oil from your skin wherever it was used and then use a proper moisturizer afterwards. Basically, think of coconut oil as a lubricant for your skin more than moisturizer.


  1. It some how makes my leg hair grow back very thin and not so course which makes shaving even easier the next time.

  2. I never have razor burn.

  3. I can get a really close shave which means having smooth legs for longer.

  4. My skin is super soft when I’m done (and for the next few days after).

  5. It smells like an almond joy.

  6. It’s super inexpensive to make.

  7. I’m not wasting as much.

  8. It gives me an extra step of self care which lifts my mood every time.

  9. I smell super good.

  10. It’s all natural so I don’t have to worry about anything unnecessary soaking into my body.