Ive recently been working on my TV addiction. As in today I’ve decided to maybe try and figure out ways to not watch so much TV and take part in the things that bring my joy. Work on things I’ve wanted to work on. Just get into more than Gilmore Girls and The Office on repeat.

I have a lot of things I like. I like walking, I like music, I like writing, I once liked photography, I think I might like drawing, I like crocheting, creating stuff. Whatever it is, I like doing it.

I remember in high school when I would sit and write in my journal, look through artsy photos on Tumblr, read Nylon magazine, go on photo adventures with my friends, spend the day taking random “artsy” selfies, walking to my friends house just to walk with them some more. I’d talk about stuff, have thoughts beyond “I think we should get some new pillows for the bed soon.”

I miss being creative. I miss feeling inspired.

Do I’ve decided to make a challenge for myself.

For the month of November, I am going to write and post one blog post a day.

They won’t be huge posts all the time, but there’s always something that can be said. A thought to be shared.

Along with these posts will be a photo from the day. I want this blog to be less perfection, less stock photos and perfectly curated Pinterest graphics and more personal anecdotes. I want to have conversations. Present more questions than answers.

I’ve always been one to think of everything as relative, for the most part, so why do I keep trying to create end all, say all answers in the forms on blog posts? Well, for SEO’s sake.. but now I’m ready to let the SEO go and just write about my real human experience and share it in the form of pictures and words.

So let the challenge begin!

It can be taken in any form. You could simply pick one thing you want to be better about and just do that every day. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be huge. But it can at least be done.