Welcome to the party!

Since 2016 I've been blogging off and on, trying to find my "niche." My place on the internet, if you will. 

Finally, I realized my niche is me. It's my life and the lessons I learn along the way. It's helping people to create a life they love from the clothes they wear to how they spend their time.

What To Expect ->

Wardrobe - how-to's for creating a capsule wardrobe you love.
Beauty - advice and insight from an acne surviver.  

Minimalism + Simple Living - all I know about living a meaningful life.
Home - tips and tricks on how I manage my home. 
Motherhood - my experiences with pregnancy and motherhood with a tips to help you along the way.
Relationships - everything I know about marriage, relationships, and friendships to help you get the most meaning from the people you care about.

Motivation - thoughts and mindsets to help you stay motivated on your journey.
Personal Growth - because we're never truly finished growing.
Health - tips on eating better and treating your body nicely.  
Productivity - life hacks for staying productive and organized.

Some Stuff About Me:

  1. I have a very cute son named Oliver and another boy on the way.

  2. My handsome husband is named Ian and he is a musical genius.

  3. I play music with Ian sometimes.

  4. I'm an INTP and type 4 on the enneagram.

  5. I have a dog named Doge and he's getting really fat now that Oliver figured out how to give him food.

  6. My family's a little nomadic right now while we move for jobs, but our current home is Waco, TX.

  7. I am a certified barista, but I'm out of the barista game right now. If anyone wants a barista for a day, I can make pretty tulips.

  8. I'm addicted to shopping and TV.. I'm working on it.

  9. All I really want in life is to be surrounded by people I love and pretty things.

  10. I'm 24, but I feel about 35.