Isabel Jones is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Lake Charles, LA. 

She has been blogging since 2016 and has a few published works in a local magazine here in Lake Charles. 

Isabel spends her days learning the art of writing and how to make the most of it in today's world. Her goal is to use her knowledge to help businesses grow and ideas to be discovered. Isabel believes in transparency and honesty across the board and want to help people, help people. 

Let's Work Together!

I Also Blog too!

Since 2016 I've been blogging off and on, trying to find my "niche." My place on the internet, if you will. 

Finally, I realized my niche is me. It's my life and the lessons I learn along the way. It's helping people to create a life they love from the clothes they wear to how they spend their time.

What To Expect ->

Wardrobe - how-to's for creating a capsule wardrobe you love.
Beauty - advice and insight from an acne surviver.  

Minimalism + Simple Living - all I know about living a meaningful life.
Home - tips and tricks on how I manage my home. 
Productivity - life hacks for staying productive and organized.
Monday Links - categorized links to things that make me think.

My experiences with pregnancy and motherhood with a tips to help you along the way.

Motivation - thoughts and mindsets to help you stay motivated on your journey.
Personal Growth - because we're never truly finished growing.
Health - tips on eating better and treating your body nicely.  

Everything I know about marriage, relationships, and friendships to help you get the most meaning from the people you care about.

Blogging - everything I learn about blogging and writing.
Branding - helping you to create a brand that speaks you message clearly.

Some Stuff About Me:

  1. I have a very cute son named Oliver
  2. My handsome husband is Ian and he is a musical genius.
  3. I play music with Ian sometimes.
  4. I'm an INTP and 4 on the enneagram. 
  5. I have a dog named Doge and he's getting really fat now that Oliver figured out how to give him food.
  6. My family's a little nomadic right now while we move for jobs, but our current home is Lake Charles, LA.
  7. I am a certified barista, but I'm out of the barista game right now. If anyone want a barista for a day, I can make pretty tulips.
  8. I'm addicted to shopping and TV.. I'm working on it.
  9. All I really want in life is to be surrounded by people I love and pretty things.
  10. I'm 24, but I feel about 35.