This Wild Home

Welcome to OUR HOME!

We are the Jones! We’re a family of four soon to be living tiny in an airstream.

Our goal in life has become simplifying everything we can. We work hard to make sure our lives, our relationships, and our home bring nothing but joy to our lives as much as possible.

Ian and Isabel


We are the leaders of this little family! We started dating 5 years ago and have been happily married for 4. We didn’t start our lives together anticipating we’d be where we are today, but at the start of our relationship, we knew we’d do great things together.

The two of us got to know each other through mutual friends (it’s possible he was my ex-boyfriends friend) and through our love of music. We played in our own separate bands (most of the time) in similar circles in our hometown of Atlanta, GA. After many years of casual interactions that lead to becoming roommates which lead to becoming friends, we quickly realized our casual interactions had more of an impact than we ever knew. At the beginning of 2014, we decided to start dating and from there we’ve been trailing through our lives going 100 mph.

We’ve moved around a lot. From Georgia, to Louisiana, back to Georgia, and then BACK to Louisiana, and then to Texas and we have a feeling we’re not even close to done. We have two boys, Oliver (2) and Charlie (5mo), and they have been our greatest sources of inspiration for personal growth. Kids are certainly good at showing you all the things you need to work on and we’ve taken to heart every lesson they’ve taught us. Really, every time we move or have a crazy idea, it’s fueled by our desire to create a life we and our children can love.


Isabel created This Wild Home in 2016 at the start of our marriage. While working for years to find a niche, she realized that she, her home, and her family are her niche. The journey of struggling with finances, love, family, self, and growth is one that is not just exclusive to us. Fulfillment in life is something we’re all striving towards.

By 2019, Isabel had been blogging fairly consistently and Ian decided he wanted to join in the fun and add his perspective to some of the things we have going on in our lives. It’s always been a dream for us to have projects we can work on together and the sharing of our experiences sounded like a perfect place to start.

We’ve realized that our passion is sharing what we learn with others. Whether it’s how we like to parent and strengthen our relationship between us and our kids or how we’re managing to not let our stuff get the best of us, we want to share our experiences and findings with everyone. We hope that, if we put it out there, others can learn from our mistakes and wins. That we can all learn and grow together and support each other along the way.

So we’ve opened up our home to the internet and anyone out there who wants to grow with us!

Some Stuff About US:

  1. Within our 5 year relationship, we’ve moved 6 times.

  2. Isabel is an enneagram type 4w5, Capricorn, and INFJ.
    Ian is an enneagram type 9w8, Cancer, and ENTJ.

  3. We play music together sometimes.

  4. We bought a 1974 Airstream (somewhat impulsively) and we can’t wait to move in full-time!

  5. We have a dog named Doge and he's getting really fat now that Oliver figured out how to give him food.

  6. Ian is weirdly good at volleyball. He looks like an angelic lemur when he spikes the ball.

  7. Isabel is a certified barista, but she’s out of the barista game right now.
    If anyone wants a barista for a day, I can make pretty tulips.”

  8. Our dream is to one day own a small, beautiful house in the mountains.

  9. Isabel is 25, (but I feel about 35).
    Ian is 27 and the old man of the group.

  10. All we really want in life is to be surrounded by people we love and pretty things.


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